Do surveyors use lidar?

Surveyors prefer LiDAR systems to create detailed 3D images, accurate digital terrain models (DTM), and digital elevation models (DEM) of specific landscapes. A real estate surveyor will collect LiDAR data. However, raw data isn't going to tell anyone much, because it relies on processing to create a real map. Therefore, terrestrial laser scanning is actually done in two parts.

The first part is data capture and the second part is data analysis. Many real estate surveyors send their data to a third party for analysis, but a comprehensive surveyor does this on their own. While modern electronic measuring tools use a laser beam to accurately measure the distance between 2 points, three-dimensional laser scanners use 50,000 beam scans to create and map a three-dimensional model. These tools are especially useful for small spaces and tunnels and for planning outdoor construction projects.

LiDAR (light detection and range) produces very detailed images in short periods of time. LiDAR technology is increasingly used in land surveying and is even more common in building and structure studies.

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