Does tesla model 3 have lidar?

Instead of using LiDAR, Tesla's approach involves training the computer to recognize and interpret the visual world, with the goal of achieving autonomous driving capabilities. In fact, the v8.0 will place the radar in the foreground. And this had already been announced before, as Musk mocked that new radar implementations could, in fact, make the sensor take on a much more prominent role. This improvement would help avoid the significant expense of LIDAR laser scanners, which have been widely used in autonomous vehicle prototypes, but are currently prohibitive for production cars.

To that end, it was rumored that Tesla could opt for LIDAR, as recently, espionage images revealed the presence of Tesla Model S vehicles equipped with ROOF-mounted LIDAR sensors near the company's headquarters in Palo Alto. Tesla is likely to use LiDAR to train its machine learning algorithms, using it as a fundamental basis for testing their accuracy. Unlike cameras, LiDAR captures extremely accurate 3D depth measurements.

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