What do lidar colors mean?

Color the Lidar by key points. The points marked as key points will appear in red. All other dots will appear in blue. Color the Lidar by overlay.

The points on the indicator marked as points of overlap will appear in red. Current multispectral imaging systems operate on the principle of passive remote sensing. They detect sunlight that is reflected from a surface to the camera. Therefore, the recorded data depends largely on light conditions, the position of the Sun and the way in which surface material reflects sunlight in all directions.

On the contrary, Lidar is an active remote sensing system that detects the reflected laser light emitted by the sensor itself. It is independent of light conditions and can work even in the dark. An active system capable of detecting multispectral data is of great interest to scientists and professionals, since it can provide multispectral data independent of solar illumination or the reflectivity of a surface material. Active systems can also benefit from multiple returns from a single pulse, allowing you to see below the highest points.

Since the introduction of the first Lidar system, there have been many technological advances, such as the recording of multiple pulses in the air and the recording of complete waveforms, and most likely the next major development will be the multispectral Lidar. Therese Reinsch: When the LiDAR system collects the data, point cloud, all the LiDAR data points are not ranked as to what they are affecting. So where is the LiDAR data? Here's a list of the top 6 free LiDAR data sources so you can start your search.

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