What is a lidar course?

Course for LASER speed control (LIDAR) operators. In this course, you'll learn how lasers are used in topographic mapping to produce elevation models, 3D scenes, and other GIS products. The course begins with the basics of LIDAR sensor design to understand how a precise, dense and georeferenced point cloud can be captured with precision. The course then presents the production workflow used to separate bare earth from elements found above the ground, such as buildings, bridges, and vegetation.

You'll learn how LIDAR data is structured in industry standard data sets, and you'll apply them to analyses such as floodplain mapping, forest and habitat analysis, and 3D urban modeling. This course, designed for those who are curious to know what LIDAR is and why it is useful for management decisions, provides quick and flexible access to several topics needed to understand the LIDAR landscape.

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