What is the difference between lidar and photogrammetry drones?

The main difference between LiDAR drones and photogrammetry drones is the type of imaging system used. A LiDAR drone uses a laser-based imaging system to capture data, while a photogrammetry drone uses cameras to capture images. Each of these two drone surveying methods has strengths and weaknesses, and we'll discuss them in detail. However, on a higher level, photogrammetry is better for capturing fine details, while LiDAR can provide more accurate measurements of larger areas.

LiDAR tends to produce scans with greater detail and accuracy compared to photogrammetry. In addition, since it can work well despite environmental challenges (for example, low light or lots of vegetation), it is ideal for scenarios where precision is valued above all else. Take DJI's L1 LiDAR payload as an example, which represents a more cost-effective and compact solution than other LiDAR sensors on the market.

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