How do you tell if it's a drone?

Track radio frequencies Another and the best way to detect a drone at night is to track its radio frequencies because they always emit radio signals. The drone's live broadcast is usually on a distant radio frequency and some equipment, such as an anti-drone radio frequency detector, is needed to track it. You can use motion detection cameras to detect drones if you don't have much time to observe the light or hear the sounds on your own. In fact, motion-detection cameras tend to detect drones better than humans.

These cameras detect motion by comparing the series of images they capture. The camera will notify you of any intruding object when it detects any movement. Many motion-detection cameras are programmed by default to send notifications to the phone. Another way to detect drones (which works very well in combination with RF systems) is through the use of a specially tuned radar system.

Most commercial drones can't see the inside of your home with their regular cameras. However, there is a special class of thermal drones that can see through walls with their night vision cameras.

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