Does lidar capture color?

Imaging based on LiDAR range inputs can also generate a color image as a method based on reflection inputs. Usually, a LiDAR scanner doesn't capture color. Typical LiDAR data includes elevation or intensity values. LIDAR uses lasers to create 3D images, but these can be difficult to interpret because they are black and white.

A new scanner incorporates cameras to create color images that could be useful for infrastructure inspection or robotic vision. Lead in color by intensity The LIDAR colors the dots from black to white depending on the intensity of the return pulse. LIDAR classified with this method can sometimes be used in place of aerial imagery. Most topographic LIDAR systems record the intensity of the return pulse and measure the force of the return.

The number of returns will be determined by the composition of the surface object that reflects the return. LIDAR color by elevation Applies color dispersion to the range of elevations found in the LIDAR data. You can assign the color manually through labeling, you can use photogrammetry data instead of LiDAR to create the point cloud, or you can merge photo and LiDAR point cloud data. Button to select a specific color to be used when the LiDAR drawing mode is set to Color the Lidar by Source Layer.

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