Unlocking the Potential of Lidar UAV Data: Software Tools to Help Manage, Analyze and Interpret

The use of drones for mapping solutions has become increasingly popular in recent years, allowing surveyors to create topographic quality maps with precision. Photogrammetry is a powerful tool for producing high-quality maps that can be easily converted into 3D topographic maps with contour data. With the help of experienced surveyors and advanced equipment such as GPS RTK units, accurate maps can be created for customers. However, to make the most of the data collected by drones, software tools are needed to manage, analyze and interpret the data.

ENVI is a powerful software package that is compatible with all the latest data collection platforms and more than 200 different types of data and modalities, including panchromatic, multispectral, hyperspectral, LiDAR, SAR and FMV. It can handle data sets of any size and has automated tools to quickly and easily prepare images for visualization and analysis. RIprocess is the RIEGL software package for the kinematic processing of LiDAR data. It is designed to manage, process, analyze and visualize data acquired with ALS systems, ULS systems and MLS systems based on RIEGL laser scanners.

There is a wide range of LiDAR data processing software for professional use on the market, both open source LiDAR software and custom solutions. The most common LiDAR data format is the standard LAS format, however, LiDAR data can also be stored in text files or in other proprietary formats. RIEGL also offers an RiHydro add-on to extract models of the water surface and apply refraction and runtime corrections to subsurface LiDAR measurements. LiDAR data and LiDAR scanner software have a wide range of applications aimed at creating accurate 3D digital images or maps and identifying natural or artificial features.

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